Troy Alves Productions (TAP) was created with one thing in mind - You the athlete!

Troy Alves Productions

Experience you can trust.

Over 30 years combined of expert competitive experience.

​With a founding board of former athletes themselves, TAP understands that the majority of competitors in the health and fitness industry are competing on the amateur level.  Many of these athletes are competing simply for a personal goal and to challenge themselves to be their very best, not necessarily to achieve professional status, but they are equally passionate and competitive in their fitness goals.  The reality is that Competitive Bodybuilding, Men’s Physique, Women's Figure and Bikini have become far more mainstream than 20 years ago.  With the increase in competitive amateur athletes, comes the increased need for options to showcase their hard work, dedication and efforts.

The intent of the TAP is to cater to this majority of athletes by providing them with exciting and rewarding opportunities.  Not only is it a platform for competition on a national level, but also a chance for awards for the winning athletes in the categories of Bodybuilding, Men’s Physique, Women’s Bikini and Figure.

Since the entire purpose of the TAP is to increase the opportunities for the athletes, we will in no way limit your ability to compete in any other competition, regardless of what association.Furthermore, it is not our goal to compete against other organizations, but instead to create options for the athletes and broaden the efforts of all individuals committed to professionalism within the health and fitness industry.

The future of Troy Alves Productions: As we move forward, TAP will strive to continually enhance the athlete experience. Our goal is to expand to host competitions in various states nationwide.  We will work with our amazing sponsors to continue increasing the awards and prizes.  We also plan to keep an open forum for the athletes to help us improve as we grow, so we will be receptive to your feedback.